Kate Lemay

I believe all people are artists. Artists can take many forms. Anything you do with your time in a way that connects mind, body and spirit is art.

I believe the best form of creating is a form of meditation. It is a barometer to ones soul, an indicator of wellbeing. If I honor my practice as an artist, I am at peace. If I do not, it haunts me. When I spend too many days away, or if I do not show up fully present. It knows. If I pay attention to the dance that exists between the art and myself I receive the greatest gifts. I always feel the most powerful work I make I am present for, and my hand is creating it, however I am not the creator. I am the tool for the work to come through.

I have been creating in the same organic, colorful abstract style since 2002. I began and currently create in small pieces, although I also love painting large pieces as well. In the beginning I made these little abstract paintings because they brought me pure bliss, pure joy, they made me fully present. When I paint I am 100% focused on the creation of the line and the interaction of paint and water, it is a remarkable way for me to still my mind. Painting is a way for me to meditate.  After making thousands and thousands of these small images something clicked in my mind about the work. I recognized that the work  looked like cells under a microscope, but one day when traveling in a plane I looked out my window and saw my paintings in the mountains and rivers, the imagery was the same. Goose bumps immediately flooded my skin. I sensed in my body that I was onto something. I realized that my job was to show up and do the work. YEARS went by. I kept painting prolifically. Creating a painting a day for a year, painting larger watercolors, painting larger oils. I bought and ran my own gallery, held a handful of solo shows, however even though I was making tons of work, I still did not understand what I was making. What were these paintings about?

As a mother of two young boys and full time employee of a 24/7 service based facility, in 2012 I set a big goal of creating 4,000 paintings in a year.  Often in the heat of my “day job” as a director and busy all other times being a mom, I would stop painting. This always hurt me. I need to create to stay in-touch with the best part of life, to be my best self in all of my roles as a human. 

The Free-time Project began as a way to keep me painting. It was a simple large scale project to keep me in physical practice with creating everyday. It defined itself as creating 70 sets of 54 paintings that are all similar but each uniquely different over the course of a year. The small pieces create a single piece made up of 3,780 small paintings. The individual small paintings are micro and macroscopic in their imagery. As they come together they become cells in a larger organism that is micro and macroscopic as well. The work began in a study of color and has progressed into a study of the chakra system. I painted my way through each color learning about techniques to open energy systems in my body. Things in my life shifted and changed in the most remarkable ways. 

Check Out The Free-Time Project Here